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Crescent Capital provides mortgages for residential and investment properties all over California. 


We work with a wide range of lenders to provide our clients with competitive rates on a mix of financial products.




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Mortgage News

Mortgage Brokers Give You More Options

A recent article from the Mortgage Professor discusses an increase in loan rejections towards the end of the loan process.  Mortgage brokers are able to better handle such situations because they work with several lenders and can shift lenders if necessary.


 "An Unacknowledged Epidemic: Late-Stage Mortgage Rejections"


Some lenders today are rejecting 50% or more of their mortgage loan applicants after the applicants have paid for an appraisal, and in some cases after they have paid a non-refundable upfront fee to the lender. While the rejection rate varies widely from lender to lender, the overall rate is far higher than it was before the financial crisis, when rejections late in the approval process were a rare occurrence.


Mortgage Q&As

The world of mortgages has changed A LOT in the past two years.  Lenders have changed their guidelines and new disclosures are required.  Generally, there is more paperwork.


To help you navigate the mortgage process, we are adding a  “Q&A”  feature on our website. 


Ask your questions and we will work hard to give you the answers.


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